Advanced 2D Animation, Illustration and Storyboard Design with Toon Boom

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Programme Description/Overview

This all in one 2D Concept Design & Animation programme is for students who want to work with 2D illustration concepts and animation techniques with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Harmony. This course aims to improve the students understanding of characters and their environments, the creation of such worlds and the effective communication of them through 2D art and animation. The aim of this 10 month course is to create and design universes, and visual appearance, for video games, movies, 2D animation movies, board games. The concept artist imagines the characters, the objects, the sets, etc. on various appearances (colour or position) into 2D.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn industry critical software and technology platforms such as Toonboom, Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to the value of thousands of Rands, a critically advantageous consideration for any employer when considering.
  • Learn how to sell your skills with our “Freelancing for Creatives, Designers and Digital Artists, Making Money in the Gig Economy” module
  • Students will receive no cost student licenses of all software programs used during the programme.
  • Students will work towards compiling a Portfolio of Evidence and student showreel to allow for early and continuous job application.
  • Industry exposure through our industry contacts and online recruitment portal.
  • Showcase of student work at our annual internal Job Fair for exposure to potential employers as well as the popular Rage Expo or Comicon.

Admission Requirements

  • Students should be able to use basic computer applications and thus should have basic computer literacy. If this is not the case, proof of training in basic computer literacy will be required in order to be eligible for this course.


Full Time

  • 10 months  (5 days a week from 8:30 to 16:00)
  • All learning hours are achieved via your study duration at the academy, studio time and project-based assignments.
*Sessions will be grouped together to lower cost of traveling, however, in some cases classes may not follow this convention and schedules are subject to change.

Online & Part Time

  • Part Time = 10 months (2 x evening classes, 18:00 to 21:00, Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thur)
  • Online = 10 Months (Online live classes, twice/week, 17:00 - 18:00, Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thurs)
  • All learning hours are obtained through a combination of live virtual classes, pre-recorded video lectures and project-based tasks.

Study Kit

Career Options

  • Character design
  • Life drawing techniques
  • Digital animation
  • Digital video
  • Stop motion animation
  • Web animation

Price & Payment Options

Mode of Delivery

Full Time / Part Time / Online

What you get

After finishing this course, you will have a complete understanding of the different pieces of software and the workflow required to use them successfully.

You will also get:

  • Internationally recognized Toon Boom Certificate
  • how-reel stills and animation
  • Interaction and classes with industry professionals


Composition, Presentation and Storyboards

This module will introduce the student to the principles of composition and storyboarding and will cover the following topics:

  • Cinematic Composition and blocking principles.
  • Effective Storyboard and pacing principles

Rigging and Animation

Students will be exposed to the principles and workflows of creating rigging for animation using ToonBoom

The module will cover the following topics:

  • Theory and Principles of animation and motion.
  • Rigging for animation.

Dynamics and Simulation

Students will be taught how to create dynamic simulations in ToonBoom as well as employ particle system for special effects in their scenes

The module will cover:

  • Simulation of Physics and Particles using ToonBoom.


Students will introduced to the process and techniques of illustrations in both traditional and digital media

The module will cover:

  • Sketching and Illustration with traditional media
  • Sketching and Illustration with Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Sketching and Illustration with Adobe Photoshop

Basic Colour, Light and Perspective Theory

Students will be introduced to the basics and principles of perspective drawing, colour and light theory and digital painting

The module will cover:

  • Cinematic Colour and Light theory for Illustration.
  • Introduction to perspective drawing.
  • Digital Painting with Autodesk Sketchbook.
  • Digital Sketching with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Matte painting with Adobe Photoshop

Character, Prop and Environment Design

This module will introduce student to the process of creating believable and endearing characters and designing worlds with depth and consistency.

The module will cover:

  • Creating characters and developing their personalities
  • Expanding their worlds and designing their aesthetics.

Freelancing for Creatives, Designers and Digital Artists, Making Money in the Gig Economy

This module will introduce the student to the exciting, tumultuous and ever changing world of freelancing in the creative industry and the burgeoning gig economy.

The module will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to freelancing and exploring different freelancing services
  • Exploring freelancing supporting sites and finding the right one for your skillset
  • Explore crowdsourcing and finding the right one for your skillset
  • The importance of a High-Quality Portfolio Website
  • The Importance of a professional online personal and social profile and building of your PERSONAL BRAND
  • International Job Hunting/Jobs Hunting, your market is bigger than you think

Who should attend?

The course is suited best for artists who want to improve their character design skills and the environments they inhabit, to effectively convey ideas, stories or messages through the medium of 2D animation, following established industry standards. It is also a brilliant starting point for anyone interested in creating games and/or 3D animation as it teaches the basics and strengthens the idea process.

Graduates from Graphics Design or Multimedia courses who would like to add an illustrative quality to their work will also greatly benefit from this course.

Get to know your instructor!

Kim Bussiahn has been in the creative and design industry for almost 10 years.She is an accomplished digital illustrator with a Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology, and well versed in Photoshop with works appearing in magazines such as Imagine FX. You can see her professional work on Behance.Over the past years she has worked in the production of both local and international series using Toon Boom. She attended Toon Boom workshops in Canada to become the first fully certified South African Toon Boom instructor

Join our family!

The costs for this full-time course is R 65 000.00 excluding VAT. This fee covers all course expenses including books, student licenses and other training material.Because we feel it is important for you to know where we are, and what we are doing, we kindly ask you to come for a personal interview (preferably with a parent or guardian), bringing the following information:

  • Matric certificate/grade 12 or equivalent
  • 1 Passport photograph
  • A one page statement of intent, describing in your own words why you wish to pursue a career in the digital animation industry and why you would find yourself a suitable candidate.
  • A creative portfolio for review

Please download and complete digitally our application form and email it back to us, selecting your preferred day and time for the interview. Once we receive it we will confirm your appointment!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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