Pixologic™ ZBrush®

Pixologic specializes in 3D sculpting software, with ZBrush being its flagship product.

ZBrush started out in life as a painting app, with the unique selling point of its 2.5D approach resulting in paintings with limited depth helped out by some fun brushes and a clever lighting system. In just over a decade Pixologic has completely transformed the package, with each new release adding to the toolset and refining what came before.

The most common use of ZBrush is for sculpting in 3D. Typically, ZBrush has been used as a finishing tool, with the basic geometry modelled elsewhere and the final touches added in ZBrush. The software’s ability to handle very large models allows for a high degree of detail to be added. This workflow, however, has been slowly changing with the addition of tools that allow you to create geometry from scratch within ZBrush.

Although aimed squarely at character artists, ZBrush has found a home on the hard drives of artists from various disciplines, including environment and texture artists. As each new version is released it draws in more fans and becomes increasingly powerful, as well as being able to tackle more and more complex and diverse tasks.

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