Maya Fundamentals

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Our Autodesk Maya classes focus on 3D modeling, scripting, animation, character animation, dynamics (simulations), rendering, Paint effects, digital painting, and compositing. Our instructor-led classes provide you with the essential skills needed to successfully use Autodesk Maya 3D Animation and Visual Effects software.This module is a perfect start for those with little or no experience in this 3D package. Students will learn the basics of Autodesk 3ds max and be ready to further their studies with any book or tutorial downloaded from the web. The book “3ds max Essentials” and other learning material is included in the cost of the course.

After finishing this course, you will have a complete understanding of the different pieces of software and the work-flow required to use them successfully.You will also get:

  • Internationally recognized Autodesk Certificate
  • Internationally recognized V-Ray Certificate
  • Show-reel stills and animation
  • Interaction and classes with industry professionals
  • Become familiar with the Autodesk Maya User Interface
  • Work in 3D space Model with NURBS (Spline) and Polygons
  • Set Keyframes and Motion Paths
  • Apply Forward and Inverse Kinematics
  • Set cameras and lights
  • Create Shaders and Textures
  • Discover rendering techniques
  • Explore particles and Dynamics
  • Begin to use MEL (Maya Embedded Language)

This course is especially suitable for aspirant 3D artists, who want to work on film or commercial animation, visual effects and 3D games asset creation. Graduates from Multimedia and Design courses who would like to use 3D in their daily work will also benefit from attending this course.

Cobus’ knowledge of Autodesk Maya goes back to his early high-school years. He studied at Learn 3D, successfully graduating from his course in 2009.Being an active member of several international computer graphics forums, he has taken part in several industry projects. He has attended the Autodesk ACI workshop at Siggraph Vancouver 2011, becoming the first Autodesk Certified Instructor for Maya in South Africa.He is currently the only V-Ray for Maya licensed instructor in Africa, certified by Chaos Group in 2014.

The costs for this part-time course is R 8 000.00 including VAT. This fee covers all course expenses including books, student licenses and other training material.

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