The Certification

Learn 3D is an internationally accredited Training Centre for Toonboom, Autodesk and Chaos Group.

What does this mean?

Authorised Training Centres (ATC) provide the best way for beginners and experts alike to find out about the latest productivity features, learn best practices & techniques, and develop the skills needed to make the most of the software currently in use by the industry.

All our lecturers are certified in the latest version of the software they teach. They are required to pass exams with each new release to maintain their instructor certification. Each instructor is also assessed by his/her class, thereby ensuring that we maintain an excellent service record.

Quality distinguishes Authorized Training Centres from any other training provider. ATC managers and instructors are given a great deal of support from their certification partners to ensure that your training experience exceeds expectations. Facilities are maintained to the highest standard so students can enjoy a comfortable yet productive classroom setting.

Students receive internationally accredited certificates from the respective certification partners on successful completion of their courses.

And what about local qualifications?

Being a private college we do not offer local qualifications such a diploma or degree, but this being a creative industry we have learned from our industry associates that much more important than the paper is the actual showreel/portfolio.

When applying for a job, companies don’t want to hear if you have a diploma on this or a degree on that, they want to see the quality of your personal work and gauge from that how talented you are!

And to prove the point, check what Weta Workshop has to say about what qualifications you need to break into the animation/visual effects industry. Their credits include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar.